1 to 40,000,000
Our sustainability report in figures
ATM as the champion of Europe
Raiffeisen operates the highest ATM in Europe on the Jungfraujoch. With around 1,700 ATMs and 955 locations, the Raiffeisen brand can be found all over Switzerland.
digital advisers
Since the branch in Lungern (OW) is no longer manned, there is a digital counter available which offers the full range of services.
percent of all life insurance policies
Raiffeisen concludes one in five life insurance policies of its cooperation partner Helvetia. Following the death of her husband, Bogna Bachmann and her children were able to stay in their home thanks to sustainable financial advisory services.
percent sustainably invested
Our clients prefer sustainable funds such as the Raiffeisen Futura Immo fund. This fund invests in energy-efficient housing projects like the Storchen housing estate in Einsiedeln, built in 2014.
percent is paid back
Loans like the one for the new building of Vogt-Schild Druck AG are granted only after careful risk assessment. This ensures that we avoid losses caused by unnecessary risks.
hours of voluntary work
Raiffeisen is involved in work for charitable organisations. Two employees advised the Parc naturel régional du Doubs association on budgeting.
board members
Thomas Rauber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank Fribourg Ost, is one of 1,662 members of a board of directors who monitor the operating activity of our Raiffeisen banks.
energy assessments carried out
Raiffeisen is the only bank in Switzerland that systematically includes property energy assessments in home ownership consultation services. Around 2,000 assessments carried out in one year demonstrate the huge demand for comprehensive renovation consultation services.
new members
Raiffeisen members benefit from numerous discounts. As a member, Benjamin Vidas was able to take advantage of the membership campaign “Swiss wine regions”.
people at general meetings
More than one in five cooperative members vote on the future of the bank at the annual general meeting.
Raiffeisen fosters personal contact with clients. Thanks to mobile consultation boxes, the service hall at the Raiffeisen Bank in Prättigau-Davos can also be used for events.
cooperative members
As members, Katharina Graf and her grandfather are also co-owners of their bank. According to the cooperative principle, every member has a voice.
Swiss francs for Switzerland
The Raiffeisen Football Camps in all regions are part of Raiffeisen's commitment to culture, society and sports.
kWh of electricity from renewable energy
Raiffeisen obtains 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources in Switzerland. We also share this electricity with our clients – for example, at the Raiffeisen electrical car charging point in Chur.