Raiffeisen as an employer

Raiffeisen is an attractive employer that offers employees at every level excellent work conditions, interesting duties and modern workplaces. The Group makes targeted investments in the training and continuing education of young talent and managers, fosters individual development opportunities within the company and nurtures talent. Consistently promoting equal opportunities at all levels plays a crucial role in this collaboration.

The revised personnel policy and introduced in 2016 has proven its value. The employer branding strategy promotes intrapreneurship, different life plans, a sense of community, and wide-ranging responsibilities for employees. At Raiffeisen, every single employee can make a big difference. Raiffeisen promotes and appreciates personal initiative at every level of the company.

Raiffeisen employed 11,158 people in the current year, or the equivalent of 9,411 full-time positions on average over the year.

Attractive employment conditions

The Raiffeisen brand has a strong position in the labour market. Raiffeisen continues to attract skilled workers and retain current employees by providing outstanding employment conditions. Its efforts have translated into lasting relationships with employees who are the core drivers of the organisation's success. By specifically delegating responsibility, it encourages intrapreneurship among employees and gives them considerable freedom to make their ideas a reality.

All employees at every hierarchical level have the freedom to set their own work hours. All told, 33% of Raiffeisen employees and 26% of senior staff members work part-time. Employees receive between 25 and 30 days paid holiday leave depending on their age and pay grade.

Last year, we made another substantial investment in the development of employment conditions. New programmes like "Holiday buy" and "Holiday savings model with employer participation" were defined in detail and will be available starting in 2018.

Family policy

Raiffeisen offers mothers 16 to 24 weeks of maternity leave depending on how long they have been with the company. Fathers are given 15 additional paid days off, which they can take up to one month before or six months after their child is born. Mothers have a guarantee of continued employment at 0.6 full-time equivalent (FTE) or more in an appropriate function after maternity leave. If a child is sick, the parents will receive up to five additional days paid time off.

Training tomorrow's workforce

The Group offers a wide range of training programmes to give young people with different educational backgrounds a solid career start:

  • Apprenticeship in business administration
  • IT specialist
  • Mediamatics technician
  • Interactive media designer
  • Facility maintenance and management
  • Internships for vocational secondary school students
  • Bank entry for secondary school graduates
  • Trainee programmes for university graduates

Raiffeisen's focused, systematic training programmes are an expression of its social responsibility for large numbers of young people throughout Switzerland. At the end of 2017, roughly 770 individuals were participating in one of the above training programmes – 49% of them were women. Many young people stay with the company after completing training.

Staff and leadership development

It is crucial for employees to develop new skills and remain employable. Raiffeisen believes that continuing education enables employees to develop personally and do their jobs more effectively, and so supports their efforts to acquire more training. Employees can avail of various internal and external continuing education opportunities.

Raiffeisen introduced advisor certification in the current year. This training and qualification programme not only ensures every advisor's employability across the industry, but also helps to further develop the banking profession.

All told, 430 internal training courses were held in 2017. Raiffeisen invested around CHF 17 million in internal and external training and continuing education programmes during this period. The programmes focus on developing social and leadership skills within the Group and cultivating an appreciation of shared values.

Raiffeisen developed a new understanding of leadership in the 2022 HR Strategy – the "7×7 of Leadership". By establishing a shared understanding of leadership, Raiffeisen aims to improve leadership quality, strengthen cultural supports for it and maintain the Group's adaptability. The 7×7 model gives managers a shared framework for discussing and thinking about leadership, and evaluating their own leadership performance. The Raiffeisen understanding of leadership can be accessed by all employees via a web application. The web application contains all 7×7 model content and is designed to familiarise managers with the Raiffeisen understanding of leadership and encourage them to reflect on their own understanding of leadership.

Raiffeisen is also actively addressing digitisation and its effects on the organisation and employees. One of the key success factors in digital transformation is the confident application of new technologies, services and practices. Raiffeisen is therefore creating the conditions for employees to acquire and deepen their digital skills.

Raiffeisen's mentoring programme is still in a class of its own. Managers and the entire Executive Board mentor numerous employees, helping them along in their development. The mentoring programme creates a coaching relationship between two individuals at different tiers of the hierarchy with different levels of experience. Roughly twenty two-person-teams participate in the programme at any given time. About 60% of participants are women.

Equal opportunity

The company takes a holistic approach to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. Raiffeisen views Diversity and Inclusion management (D&I) as an important leadership skill. D&I is a key lever in the sustainable and target group-specific development and recruitment of managers and staff. Raiffeisen is a development partner of the Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion at the Research Institute for International Management at the University of St. Gallen. In this relationship, the partners actively transfer knowledge between industry and academia. The "Vive la Différence – Führung der Zukunft" (Vive la Différence – Leadership of the Future) event series sensitises managers to equal opportunity and unconscious biases in decision-making in day-to-day management. Our HR specialists are trained D&I experts who share their expertise with our managers to support employee recruiting and development. Regular analyses and a D&I dashboard keep the focus on the right levers for promoting the advancement of women, for example.

Raiffeisen has made it a strategic priority to raise the percentage of women in senior staff and executive management positions. The Group wants to have women in 30% of senior staff and executive management positions. In addition to Raiffeisen's existing training and continuing education programme, the Women 3.0 programme offers talented women a wide range of internal and external opportunities for targeted continuing education and cross-company networking. Raiffeisen partners with the Advance Women in Swiss Business and the Business & Professional Women (BPW) networks.

For years, employees aged 50 and up have had the option of attending self-evaluation seminars and pre-retirement seminars.

Counselling for personal challenges

Raiffeisen employees throughout Switzerland have had access to a social counselling service through an external partner, Reha Suisse, for several years. The service offers anonymous assistance with work, home and health issues. Reha Suisse supports employees in a highly professional and efficient manner and provides viable solutions. Its clear processes, psychological expertise and extensive experience in the social insurance sector are of great help in handling difficult issues. Through this partnership, Raiffeisen is able to respond appropriately and effectively to unusual, challenging situations in its employees' lives.

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