Raiffeisen at a glance

Strategic approaches

Rigorous alignment with the digital future, high-quality growth in the core business, diversification of business areas, improvements in productivity, strengthening the corporate culture



Raiffeisen manages CHF 164 billion in client deposits.

Total assets are over CHF 228 billion. That makes Raiffeisen the third largest banking group in Switzerland.


The Group has over 11,158 employees. Around 770 people are in training. Raiffeisen invested CHF 16,631,827 in continuing education in the current year.

Business innovation

The RAI Lab drives innovation and new business models. It researches trends, technologies and business models. In the innovation process, it validates and tests new ideas as well. The RAI Lab also promotes a vibrant culture of innovation at Raiffeisen. One example is the two-day "InnovationChallenge" during which over 100 employees developed innovative ideas for Raiffeisen.


Various studies have shown that Raiffeisen is viewed as Switzerland's most trusted bank.


3.7 million clients trust Raiffeisen. 1.9 million of them are cooperative members and thus co-owners of their bank.

With 912 locations and 1,699 ATMs, the Raiffeisen Group has the densest branch network in Switzerland.


The Raiffeisen Group has adopted a cautious risk policy that considers long-term impacts. Its motto is: "Security comes before profitability comes before growth".


The Group receives 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

The 255 cooperative Raiffeisen banks and 6 Raiffeisen Switzerland branches advise and assist private and corporate clients in Switzerland with their financial needs.

The retail business is Raiffeisen's main income stream.

Raiffeisen also offers extensive advice and assistance in investment activities.

Around 160,000 companies in Switzerland are Raiffeisen clients. Raiffeisen provides them with solutions for everything relating to finance and business, from start-ups to succession planning.

The Group offers custom solutions in private banking through Notenstein La Roche Private Bank Ltd.



The Group generated a Group profit of CHF 917 million in 2017. CHF 177 million are paid to the government as taxes.

Raiffeisen finances CHF 173 billion in mortgages, or 17.5% of the mortgage market.


The Raiffeisen Group paid its employees CHF 1,097 million in total remuneration in 2017.


Raiffeisen launched Raiffeisen TWINT, a digital wallet, in 2017. The new financial assistant in e-banking allows clients to create and track their savings goals and personal budgets. The "Raiffeisen Music" app, which also launched last year, gives 12- to 18-year-old clients access to a broad selection of music. And with the Raiffeisen Piazza app, local and personalised information is only a search away. Clients can even chat with their client advisor.


Roughly 400,000 cooperative members attended a general meeting in 2017. Members used discount programmes more than a million times, which means that Raiffeisen is providing a significant economic stimulus for Swiss tourism and the economy.


Thanks to its prudent risk strategy, Raiffeisen's credit default rate is only 0.115%.

Renowned ratings agency Moody’s has awarded Raiffeisen Switzerland an Aa2 rating.


Raiffeisen gave over CHF 30 million to cultural, athletic and social causes.


CO2 emissions were down 15% compared to the previous year on an adjusted basis.


Client proximity, entrepreneurship, credibility, sustainability