Dialogue takes us further

Initiating conversation

Changing perspectives

Raiffeisen employees have opened up dialogues with clients in order to find out their concerns in their relations with one another. Perspectives and standpoints were the subjects of various lively discussions in four venues across Switzerland.
Pleasure in dialogue

«Moving forward through open communication»

Openness is a core prerequisite for a good business relationship; openness in the sense of transparency, but also in the sense of readiness to explore new paths. Close client relationships and a regular and open exchange promote mutual understanding for aspirations, needs and expectations.
Fostering discussion

«It is the person behind the brand who creates trust»

Exchanging ideas

«Being able to depend upon each other is the most valuable asset»

Enabling encounters

«The vision as a mutual understanding of the way forward»

A common vision is the linchpin of the business and the linchpin of successful collaboration. It shows the big picture going forward. A vision should inspire, create impulses and convey trust and competence.

Dialogue is a part of our Raiffeisen DNA

Whether in the form of a discussion with our clients, in discourse with colleagues or in an exchange of opinion with cooperative members – discussion takes us further. In this vein, dialogue with influencers, for example, allows «Social Media Tips for Parents» to be developed, spurs energy experts on in the «Hunt for Energy Guzzlers» or facilitates solutions for «Steps Towards Independence». Current stories like these can always be found on: