Communication policy

An active, transparent and dialogue-driven communication policy is an integral part of the Raiffeisen Group's corporate philosophy due to its cooperative structure. The year 2018 was characterised by FINMA enforcement proceedings, the criminal proceedings filed against Dr Pierin Vincenz, former Chairman of the Executive Board, and by various resignations from the Board of Directors and Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland. The culmination of major events and accompanying media interest created a challenging communication environment for the Raiffeisen Group. Information was always provided as needed within the Raiffeisen Group and to the public in compliance with legal requirements.

Communication with various stakeholders – cooperative members, clients, employees and the general public – should always take place according to the principles of truthfulness, precision and consistency with the Raiffeisen Group's actions. The most important sources of information in this regard are the website, annual reports, half-yearly reports and Raiffeisen Group press conferences and releases. The latest changes, developments and special events are published on time in an audience-friendly format in full compliance with ad hoc publicity directives. The publications and press releases are available on the Raiffeisen website. Cooperative members also receive extensive information in person directly from their Raiffeisen banks at the Annual General Meeting.