Strategic approaches


Raiffeisen has established itself as a leading Swiss retail bank and intends to continue its qualitative growth in the core business guided by adequate risk considerations. Furthermore, Raiffeisen believes it has additional leverage potential, especially in terms of productivity and in the commission and services business. Fiercer competition from other banks, industry outsiders and FinTech companies, and shrinking margins are putting considerable pressure on costs and earnings.

Raiffeisen has always stood out from the competition because of its client intimacy, local roots and cooperative values. These values must be cultivated and strengthened even as we proceed with our digital transformation.

Priorities and goals

To master the strategic challenges and rigorously leverage opportunities, Raiffeisen Switzerland's Executive Board and Board of Directors regularly define the substance of the strategic approach for the next three years. The systematic implementation of the strategic goals drives Raiffeisen Group's continued growth and success. We are pursuing the following goals and priorities at the Raiffeisen Group level from 2019 to 2021.

High-quality growth in the core business

Raiffeisen's core business is the domestic savings and mortgage market. It is also where Raiffeisen plans to leverage its expertise and client intimacy in order to continue growing profitably and further strengthen its market leadership.

Diversification of business areas

We want to seize opportunities in the business areas served by Raiffeisen in order to diversify our income streams and thus reduce our dependence on interest operations. Our focus is on strengthening our investment and corporate client business by further broadening our product and service portfolio, investing in advisory services and channels, and aggressively harnessing expertise within the Group.

Increasing productivity

Efficient, cost-effective service delivery is crucial to the Raiffeisen Group's competitiveness and therefore its long-term success. Raiffeisen Switzerland, its subsidiaries and the Raiffeisen banks have equally pursued rigorous cost discipline and targeted productivity increases through standardisation and process optimisation.

Strengthening the corporate culture

Raiffeisen's reputation suffered in 2018. Therefore, we want to sustainably cultivate and enhance the Raiffeisen brand and the values it stands for: Credibility, sustainability, client intimacy and entrepreneurship. In particular, Raiffeisen wants to better highlight its primary unique selling propositions, such as the Group's cooperative business model and corporate responsibility.