Guy Lachapelle
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisen Switzerland
Guy Lachappelle
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisen Switzerland
Heinz Huber
Chairman of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland


Dear Reader,
The Raiffeisen banks and Raiffeisen Switzerland together set the course for a successful future in 2020. Raiffeisen came together even more as a group and a team. We demonstrated that we are not just stable, but also actively embracing change. It has been an intense and successful year that was coloured by our vision – “Raiffeisen connects people”.

Connected with the bank. Last year, our 225 banks and six local branches provided personal support, including online or on the phone, to our 3.6 million customers. The Raiffeisen Group processed and disbursed 24,000 loans worth CHF 2 billion for Swiss companies under the Covid-19 loan programme. In March, until the start of the loan programme, Raiffeisen also launched an emergency aid of CHF 100 million for companies in Switzerland and opened up, its donation platform, to small and medium-sized companies as well. Our goal was to give Swiss companies quick, straightforward assistance.

The goal is clear: We want to deepen personal relationships with our clients.

In touch with the future. In June 2020, the Board of Directors of Raiffeisen Switzerland adopted the “Raiffeisen 2025” strategy. It defines the Raiffeisen Group’s vision of where it will go in the next five years, how Raiffeisen plans to position itself in the Swiss banking market and how this path can be successfully taken together. The strategy is the result of successful participation, having been developed as a joint effort within the Group and in dialogue. It is being executed in a similar fashion. The goal is clear: We want to deepen personal relationships with our clients and inspire them with unique solutions. We therefore intend to enhance the private residential property ecosystem and expand the investing and retirement businesses. We want to evolve even more clearly from a product supplier to a solutions provider.
In touch with the cooperative. June also saw Raiffeisen Switzerland’s first general meeting held under the Group governance structure adopted in 2019, making it the first meeting to apply the “one bank, one vote” principle. The institutionalised exchange of views and opinions between the Raiffeisen banks and Raiffeisen Switzerland also picked up speed in 2020: The owners’ committees were established and will serve as future sparring partners for Raiffeisen Switzerland. The institutionalised exchange of views between the owners and Raiffeisen Switzerland will strengthen teamwork and knowledge transfers within the Group. This will make us more effective and put us in closer touch with our clients.

As the Swiss bank that is closest to its clients, we have always striven to make a difference, to connect people and thereby generate value. These efforts were also in the spotlight last year. In April, we became the first national Swiss retail bank to roll out a SARON mortgage and a SARON loan for corporate clients. “Raiffeisen Rio”, our digital asset management service, also successfully launched in 2020. Clients can invest sums as low as CHF 5,000 in actively managed financial investments in an app on their smartphones. We also entered into a partnership with Mobiliar. Mobiliar’s general agencies have been working with Raiffeisen banks since 1 January 2021 to assist clients with all their insurance, pension and finance needs. In addition, “LIIVA”, our joint platform for homeowners, will launch in summer 2021.

Raiffeisen’s successes in 2020 are reflected in the annual result. Raiffeisen managed its business successfully and prudently in the past year and generated a profit of CHF 861 million (+3.1%). The individual business areas developed pleasingly in line with strategic priorities, and significant progress was achieved in particular in the pension and investment business. The result from commission business and services increased by 8.4% to CHF 451 million, and the net result from interest operations also increased by CHF 43 million despite the difficult margin situation. In mortgage loans, we grew in line with our ambition at market level. The stability and security of the cooperative Group have once again proven themselves to be attractive. In addition, we welcomed 37,000 new clients and 27,000 new cooperative members.

This trust tells us exactly where we need to go. In 2021, we will focus on developing our business model further, strengthening ecosystems and expanding our investment and pension business. We will do so following a hybrid approach in which personal service and advice are augmented by digital solutions. This is where we can truly add value. As a banking group that belongs to its members, connecting people is both a mission and a guiding principle for us. We will continue to build on that foundation in the future.

Guy Lachappelle

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Raiffeisen Switzerland

Heinz Huber

Chairman of the Executive Board, Raiffeisen Switzerland