Important events

1 March 2020
Kathrin Wehrli takes over as head of the Products & Investment Services department
Kathrin Wehrli joined the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland on 1 March 2020, where she oversees the Products & Investment Services department.
20 March 2020
Raiffeisen participates in the federal government's Covid-19 guarantee programme and provides an additional CHF 100 million in emergency aid.
Raiffeisen and other Swiss banks work together to launch a guarantee programme with bridging loans of CHF 40 billion for companies suffering cash shortages. Raiffeisen also provides emergency aid of CHF 100 million until the guarantee programme is up and running.
27 March 2020
Roger Reist takes over as Head of the Treasury & Markets department
Raiffeisen Switzerland thus fills the last vacant position on its Executive Board. This completes the renewal process of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland.
16 April 2020
Raiffeisen is the first national Swiss bank to launch the SARON mortgage
Raiffeisen is the first national Swiss retail bank to launch a SARON mortgage and a SARON loan for corporate clients. With this move, Raiffeisen takes on a trailblazing role in Switzerland.
17 June 2020
Raiffeisen and Helvetia end sales partnership
Raiffeisen and Helvetia mutually agree on an early end to their partnership in the insurance market with effect from 31 December 2020. This step allows both companies to flexibly pursue their own strategic goals independently of each other.
20 June 2020
Raiffeisen adopts the “Raiffeisen 2025” strategy
Guided by its vision, “The innovative cooperative bank connects people”, Raiffeisen will maintain and expand its exceptional client proximity and drive innovation more strongly. By expanding its private residential property, entrepreneurship, and investing and retirement businesses, Raiffeisen is evolving from a product supplier to a solutions provider. Raiffeisen will be investing an additional CHF 550 million over the next five years to further expand its market position. It aims to generate around CHF 500 million in efficiency gains and additional revenue each year starting in 2025.
24 June 2020
Raiffeisen and Mobiliar agree on strategic partnership
In addition to an exclusive reciprocal arrangement for recommending banking, pension and insurance products, the partnership will also design and develop joint products and services targeting young clients, families and SMEs.
1 July 2020
Raiffeisen Switzerland ends individual bonus payments
Raiffeisen Switzerland ends individual bonus payments and introduces a collective profit-sharing element, which for individual employees amounts to a single-digit percentage of their basic remuneration. The new model reflects the bank's cooperative vaThe new model reflects the bank's cooperative values and drives its long-term success.
24 August 2020
Raiffeisen launches digital asset management service “Raiffeisen Rio”
Raiffeisen offers its private clients “Raiffeisen Rio”, a digital addition to its traditional investment activity. In the app, e‑banking clients can invest in actively managed financial investments starting with as little as CHF 5,000 and individually tailor their portfolio to their unique preferences.
3 September 2020
Anne Bobillier steps down from the Board of Directors of Raiffeisen Switzerland
She submits her resignation with effect from 30 September 2020 due to personal reasons. Anne Bobillier was a member of the Strategy and Finance Committee. The Board of Directors will decide at a later date on a replacement nomination for the vacant seat on the Board of Directors to be presented to the General Meeting of Raiffeisen Switzerland.
21 September 2020
Standard & Poor's rates Raiffeisen Switzerland with an A+
The rating agency assigns a stable outlook. It explicitly highlights the bank's strong market position, conservative lending policies, excellent capitalisation, stable core business and good cash situation. This makes Raiffeisen Switzerland one of the best-rated banks in Switzerland and worldwide.
2 October 2020
Helen Fricker takes over as Head of the Raiffeisen Bank Services department
Helen Fricker has worked in various functions at Raiffeisen Switzerland since 2011. In her previous position, she was in charge of Bank Relationship Management. She takes over from Philippe Lienhard, who leaves Raiffeisen Switzerland for personal reasons on 31 October 2020.
10 November 2020
Raiffeisen will be leaving the Swiss Bankers Association at the end of March 2021.
As a domestically focused cooperative banking group, Raiffeisen will represent its interests independently and express its views on legislative and supervisory issues on its own in the future. In doing so, Raiffeisen strengthening its commitment to the interests of its Swiss private and SME clients.
16 December 2020
Donation to Swiss Solidarity in lieu of Christmas party
The Christmas parties are cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Raiffeisen Switzerland decides instead to donate CHF 100,000 to “Swiss Solidarity” to support people suffering from the consequences of Covid-19 in Switzerland.
30 December 2020
Raiffeisen publishes results of the 2020 climate compatibility test
Raiffeisen voluntarily participates in a climate compatibility test with respect to its financial flows at the invitation of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF). The results show that Raiffeisen holds relatively few shares and bonds in companies in coal-intensive sectors.