Corporate governance

Important events

The following important events falling under the ad hoc disclosure requirement occurred at the Raiffeisen Group between the reporting date (31 December 2021) and the editorial deadline (30 March 2022):

Raiffeisen Switzerland completes Executive Board

On 24 February 2022 Raiffeisen Switzerland filled the two vacant positions on the Executive Board and the new position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) created as part of the strategy implementation.
The newly established Operating Services department will be headed by Uwe Krakau. He has been a transformation and project expert for many years and has broad specialist and managerial experience in the IT sector, specialising in the financial services industry. He will take up his position by September 2022.
Niklaus Mannhart will head the IT department. As a proven technology expert who has been working in financial services for more than 20 years, he has solid experience in digitalisation, transformation, project work and providing systems and applications. He too will join the Raiffeisen Group by September 2022.
On 24 February 2022 Roland Altwegg definitively took over running the Products & Investment Services department. He has held various management positions at Raiffeisen Switzerland since 2007, most recently as Head of New Business Models and Ecosystems.

Criminal proceedings against Dr Pierin Vincenz

Raiffeisen is the aggrieved party and is therefore represented as a private litigant in the criminal proceedings. Raiffeisen will assert claims resulting from misconduct where possible and appropriate. Raiffeisen Switzerland will not comment on the ongoing proceedings. The presumption of innocence applies.