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Editorial deadline: 30 March 2022

Herausgabe: 22 April 2022

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Only the German version is authoritative.

Annual reporting
The annual reporting consists of the yearly report 2021 of the Raiffeisen Group, the Annual Report 2021 of the Raiffeisen Group (consisting of management report, corporate governance, annual financial statements, regulatory disclosure), the regulatory disclosure as of 31 December 2021 of the Raiffeisen Group and the Annual Report 2021 of Raiffeisen Switzerland.

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Forward-looking statements
This document contains forward-looking statements. These reflect estimates, assumptions and expectations of the Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative at the time of its publication. Future events may differ materially from the forward-looking statements owing to risks, uncertainties and other material factors. Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative is under no obligation to update the forward-looking statements herein.