Annual Report

Information on off-balance-sheet transactions

20 – Contingent assets and liabilities

Contingent assets and liabilities
in 1,000 CHF31.12.202031.12.2021
Contingent liabilities
Guarantees to secure credits and similar 274,087325,853
Performance guarantees and similar1 263,097226,846
Other contingent liabilities141,465156,094
Total contingent liabilities678,649708,793
Contingent assets
Contingent assets arising from tax losses carried forward 72,056-
Other contingent assets --
Total contingent assets72,056-
1 The performance guarantees include a guaranteed open amount vis-a-vis third parties that applies to derivative transactions, whose underlying replacement values vary according to market conditions. The guarantee is evaluated with a scenario-based risk model and at 31 December 2021 amounted to CHF 100 million.

21 – Fiduciary transactions

Fiduciary transactions

in 1,000 CHF31.12.202031.12.2021
Fiduciary investments with third-party banks4,21962
Total fiduciary transactions4,21962

22 – Assets under management

22.1 – Breakdown of managed assets

Breakdown of managed assets

in 1,000 CHF31.12.202031.12.2021
Assets in collective investment schemes managed by the bank1--
Assets under discretionary asset management agreements2,650,4805,989,805
Other managed assets221,391,698234,952,370
Total managed assets
(including double counting)2
of which, double counting--
1 The fund management is used as the criterion for the reporting of self-administered collective investment instruments.
2 The reported client assets include the custody account assets as well as liabilities arising from client deposits. The category "Liabilities arising from client deposits" also includes customer deposits that are not of an investment nature. Funds in trust and custody-only client relationships are not included. Custody-only client relationships are considered to be banks and institutional clients for which Raiffeisen serves solely as a custodian bank. Nor are assets of institutional investors part of the reported client assets if the business activity is comprised of liquidity or repo investments. Reclassifications between assets under management and unreported assets (or custody-only) are shown as a change in net new money.

22.2 – Change in assets under management

Presentation of the development of managed assets

in 1,000 CHF31.12.202031.12.2021
Total managed assets (including double counting) at 1.1.20211207,288,350224,042,178
net new money inflow/outflow16,328,06214,508,562
price gains / losses, interest, dividends and currency gains / losses425,7662,391,435
other effects--
Total managed assets (including double counting) at 31.12.20211224,042,178240,942,175
1 Net new money changes are calculated by means of the direct method, i.e. the cash inflows and outflows are calculated at client level based on transactions on the level of managed assets. Exchange rate fluctuations, interest and dividend payments, as well as commission and expenses, are excluded in the case of net new money changes.