Regulatory disclosure

Disclosure obligations

The Raiffeisen Group, in its capacity as the central organisation, is obligated to comply with capital adequacy rules and is thus subject to disclosure requirements under supervisory law. Information is published in line with the regulations laid down in the Capital Adequacy Ordinance (CAO) and FINMA Circular 2016/1 “Disclosure – banks”.

On 16 June 2014, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) issued an order classifying the Raiffeisen Group as systemically important. Under FINMA Circular 2016/1 “Disclosure – banks”, systemically important banks have special quarterly disclosure obligations. The corresponding information on risk-weighted capital adequacy and unweighted capital adequacy (leverage ratio) is available on Raiffeisen’s website.

On the following pages, the annual report includes a selection of tables that have to be disclosed pursuant to FINMA Circular 2016/1 “Disclosure – banks”. Complete disclosure with the qualitative and quantitative information on risks, equity capital base and liquidity is published on the Raiffeisen website,

Quantitative information has been disclosed in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Capital Adequacy Ordinance. Some of this information cannot be directly reconciled with that provided in the consolidated accounts, which is reported in line with the accounting requirements for banks laid down in FINMA Circular 2020/1 “Accounting – banks” and the FINMA Accounting Ordinance. Capital adequacy calculations are based on the same group of consolidated companies as the consolidated accounts.