Important events

24 January 2022
Raiffeisen Switzerland makes its branches in Bern and Thalwil independent. Both banks now operate as independent Raiffeisen banks.
15 February 2022

The sustainability rating agency ISS ESG awarded Raiffeisen “Prime” status for its sustainability performance. In the financial sector, Raiffeisen ranks among the top 10% of its peer group (public and regional banks).

24 February 2022

Raiffeisen Switzerland fills the vacant positions on the Executive Board. Uwe Krakau becomes Chief Operating Officer, Niklaus Mannhart Chief Information Officer and Roland Altwegg takes over as the Head of Products & Investment Services.

26 April 2022

Ethos conducts a dialogue with selected Swiss and international companies on environmental, social and governance issues on behalf of Raiffeisen Switzerland. Active investor dialogue is a key element of the “Futura” approach to sustainability in Raiffeisen’s pension and investment business.

18 June 2022

The General Meeting of Raiffeisen Switzerland approves the 2021 annual financial statements and confirms all the members of the Board of Directors in their office.

20 June 2022

The Raiffeisen banks St. Gallen and Winterthur now operate as independent banks. This means that four of the previous total of six branches of Raiffeisen Switzerland have become independent. The Zurich and Basel branches will follow suit at the beginning of 2023.

19 October 2022

In the Residential business area, Raiffeisen is focusing on banking and banking-related services, while also expanding and strengthening its own digital presence. Raiffeisen has sold its stake in the “Liiva” home ownership platform to its cooperation partner “die Mobiliar”.

4 November 2022
Six months after their launch, the index-tracked Raiffeisen funds already exceeded the CHF 100 million volume mark. In these funds, Raiffeisen combines the efficiency of an index fund with the systematic consideration of sustainability criteria.
22 November 2022

Raiffeisen’s “Futura Impact” makes it the first national retail bank to offer an asset management mandate which, besides financial goals, explicitly aims for a positive and measurable environmental and social impact.

12 December 2022
Milestone reached: the Raiffeisen Group has two million cooperative members. This means that the number of members has doubled in the past 20 years.