Corporate governance

Important events

The following important events falling under the ad hoc disclosure requirement occurred at the Raiffeisen Group between the balance sheet date (31 December 2022) and the editorial deadline (28 March 2023) of this annual report:

Decentralisation of Raiffeisen Switzerland branches

Of the six Raiffeisen Switzerland branches, Bern, Thalwil, Winterthur and St. Gallen became independent Raiffeisen banks during the 2022 financial year. The two remaining branches, Basel and Zurich, have likewise taken this step in January 2023. Consequently, Raiffeisen Switzerland has no longer been managing any branches since 23 January 2023.

Criminal proceedings against Dr Pierin Vincenz

Raiffeisen is the aggrieved party and is therefore represented as a private litigant in the criminal proceedings. In January 2023, the parties were served with the reasoned judgement of the Zurich District Court, which attracted considerable media attention. The criminal proceedings are currently pending at the Higher Court of the Canton of Zurich. Raiffeisen Switzerland will not comment on the ongoing proceedings.