Regulatory disclosure

Liquidity coverage ratio

Art. 12 of the Liquidity Ordinance requires the Raiffeisen Group and Raiffeisen Switzerland to comply with the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR). The LCR is intended to ensure that banks always hold sufficient high-quality liquid assets (HQLA) to cover the net cash outflow that could be expected in a standard stress scenario for 30 days, as defined by outflow and inflow assumptions. The LCR metrics published are based on the daily closing averages of all business days in the corresponding reporting quarters.

Inforamtion on the liquidity coverage ratio
Q3 20221Q4 20221
in CHF million (unless stated otherwise)Unweighted valuesWeighted valuesUnweighted valuesWeighted values
A.High-quality liquid assets (HQLA)
1Total high-quality liquid assets (HQLA)55,35655,270
B.Cash outflows
2Retail deposits121,43912,063123,08412,237
3of which stable deposits6,0003006,000300
4of which less stable deposits115,43911,763117,08411,937
5Unsecured business-client or wholesale funding30,47018,16828,99917,015
6of which operational deposits (all counterparties) and deposits with the central institution of a cooperative bank network----
7of which non-operational deposits (all counterparties)28,97616,67428,32516,342
8of which unsecured debt securities1,4941,494673673
9Secured business client or wholesale funding and collateral swaps260263
10Other cash outflows15,1803,39515,1113,328
11of which cash outflows related to derivative exposures and other transactions1,9401,7381,8791,687
12of which cash outflows related to loss of funding on asset-backed securities, covered bonds, other structured finance, asset-backed commercial paper, conduits, securities investment vehicles and other such financing facilities1221228787
13of which cash outflows from committed credit and liquidity facilities13,1181,53513,1451,554
14Other contractual funding obligations3,8322,2224,6022,513
15Other contingent funding obligations1,666831,59079
16Total cash outflows36,19235,437
C. Cash inflows
17Secured funding transactions (e.g. reverse repo transactions)41889416115
18Inflows from fully performing exposures3,4721,6974,4952,231
19Other cash inflows213213262262
20Total cash inflows4,1021,9985,1722,609
Adjusted value
21Total high-quality liquid assets (HQLA)55,35655,270
22Total net cash outflows34,19432,828
23Liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) (%)161.9%168.4%
1 Average daily closing averages of all business days in the reporting quarters.
Of the portfolio of high-quality liquid assets (HQLA), 87% consist of category 1 assets, 81% of which are held as liquid funds. The remaining category 1 assets are mainly public sector bonds with a minimum rating of AA–. Of the category 2 assets, which account for 13% of the HQLA portfolio, 89% consist of Swiss mortgage bonds. The remaining 11% are primarily public-sector bonds and covered bonds rated at least A–.
The HQLA portfolio (No. 21) decreased in comparison to the last reporting period, especially in the third quarter. Net cash outflows (No. 22) have also declined compared to the last reporting period. The result was a decrease in the short-term liquidity coverage ratio (No. 23) to 161.9% in the third quarter and an increase to 168.4% in the fourth. This change is mainly attributable to a reduction in the portfolio of deposits from business clients and key accounts (line 5) and the increase in inflows from fully recoverable receivables (line 18). The remaining positions moved steadily in line with the growth in total assets.