Raiffeisen’s cooperative model guarantees that all banks within the Group and the cooperative members of each Raiffeisen bank can have a say in its running and share in its success. Raiffeisen operates nationally, with regional roots, positioning it close to its clients. As a cooperative bank, Raiffeisen connects people and creates added value – for clients, members, employees, the environment and society.

Cooperative by conviction

The first Raiffeisen bank in Switzerland was founded in Bichelsee (canton of Thurgau) in 1899 at the initiative of Pastor Johann Traber, and it commenced operations in 1900. The principle: “Helping people to help themselves”. All members should be able to use the services of their bank and are entitled to a say in how it is run; at the same time, they also share responsibility for the cooperative’s activities and how it fares.

Strong local roots

The Raiffeisen Group now consists of 220 Raiffeisen banks with a cooperative structure. Each of them operates within their defined geographical area. The money stays in the region to the benefit of the local economy. Raiffeisen banks also demonstrate social commitment. Raiffeisen supports local associations, social institutions and cultural events in a way no other banking group does. Raiffeisen banks are also major taxpayers in their respective municipalities. In the year under review, Raiffeisen granted more than CHF 225 million to local communities and associations – partly through local sponsorship and donations, partly through taxes.

Raiffeisen also performs an important task as an employer with more than 11,000 employees. It sees meaningful activity, responsibility and initiative as the key elements of a socially responsible corporate policy.

Attractive member benefits

Anyone who owns a share certificate will become a co-owner of their regional Raiffeisen bank. The cooperative members have voting rights and elect the executive bodies. They help decide on the further development of their Raiffeisen bank and benefit from its success. Members can also secure additional benefits. The share certificates earn an attractive interest rate. The museum pass, which grants free entry to over 500 museums in Switzerland, was again the most popular member benefit in the year under review, with around one million admissions. Raiffeisen members ordered more than 170,000 discounted tickets for concerts, festivals and events in 2022. In total, cooperative members enjoyed benefits worth CHF 140.7 million in 2022.

In 2022, the Raiffeisen community was able to welcome around 38,000 new members. There are now more than two million cooperative members actively shaping the Raiffeisen Group. This makes Raiffeisen the largest cooperative bank in Switzerland.

Our vision

Raiffeisen defines the framework for what it does by the vision “Raiffeisen – the innovative cooperative bank that connects people”. The banking group inspires its clients with unique solutions. It is enhancing its proximity to clients and connecting people in Switzerland, in person and digitally. By putting its cooperative values into practice on a sustainable basis, Raiffeisen creates added value together with its cooperative members, its clients and its employees.

Our values

Raiffeisen acts in line with its cooperative values and its business policy is open and fair. The focus is on the cooperative members. They are involved in determining how their bank develops, resulting in exceptional proximity to clients. True to its origins, Raiffeisen wants to provide easy access to banking services for everyone. This will remain so in future.

The cooperative values


Joint ownership and participation – where every member has a vote – is the democratic essence of the cooperative. Decisions are reached democratically.


Mutual support and joint and several liability are, from a historical perspective, achievements of the cooperative movement. Ultimately, solidarity is based on mutual trust.


We tackle tasks together, with self-motivation and self-reliance. Liberality emphasises the independence of the cooperative banks.

The entrepreneurial values


We do what we say and keep our promises. We are credible in that our actions are reliable and consistent, and we reach transparent decisions.


We take responsibility for our actions at all levels. We act independently, responsibly and entrepreneurially.


For us, sustainability means acting responsibly as a company and considering the ecological and social impact of our activities, in addition to the economic aspects. As a responsible financial institution with a cooperative structure, we aim to continuously boost our sustainability performance.


Raiffeisen banks are rooted in the local population. They know and understand their clients. They have a local/regional focus and integrate into the market.

Areas of business and expertise

In the private client business, almost half of the Swiss population relies on the expertise of Raiffeisen banks in the pension and investment, and home and financing segments.

In the corporate client business, Raiffeisen can provide products and total solutions for financing, payments, trading in interest rates, currencies and precious metals, transactions in the money and capital markets, and corporate finance services.

Within the Raiffeisen Group, the Corporate Clients, Treasury & Markets department is also responsible for the management, intra-Group transfer and procurement of liquidity. It ensures access to the financial markets and, as a centre of competence, it offers financial market products and services across the Group.

Markets and clients

The Raiffeisen Group is focussed on the Swiss market. It is the third-largest player in the Swiss banking market and has the densest branch network in Switzerland. More than 90% of the Swiss population can reach one of the 803 Raiffeisen branches by car within 10 minutes. Raiffeisen’s strong local roots are complemented by digital solutions, forming a hybrid business model. Clients can choose which services they wish to use and on which channels. Raiffeisen operates 1,638 ATMs for cash withdrawals in CHF and EUR (as at 31 December 2022). Raiffeisen e-banking and the digital asset management app Raiffeisen Rio are popular with clients. In the year under review, the number of e-banking agreements increased from 1.65 million to 1.76 million. There are 11,417 private clients using Raiffeisen Rio. Raiffeisen Switzerland’s Client Service Centre handles over 2.2 million client enquiries per year, by phone or e-mail.

Private clients

Raiffeisen is a market leader in the retail business. More than 42% of the Swiss population are clients of Raiffeisen. For more than a third of the 3.64 million or so clients, Raiffeisen is the main bank, calculated on the basis of current product use. The banking group is number one in real estate financing. One in every five mortgages in Switzerland originates from Raiffeisen. Raiffeisen is also well positioned in the pension and investment business due to its range of solutions.

Corporate clients

Raiffeisen’s corporate clients comprise around 220,000 companies (as at 31 December 2022) – mostly small and medium-sized companies. This is an area that Raiffeisen intends to develop, while also further strengthening its leading market position as a local trustworthy bank for entrepreneurs in the Swiss SME market. The direct client activities arising from Raiffeisen Switzerland’s corporate client, treasury and trading business are grouped together in the Corporate Clients, Treasury & Markets department. This means Raiffeisen can offer its corporate clients access to a broad range of products, advice and support from a single source, resulting in short lines of decision-making.
For more on solutions for private and corporate clients, see the chapter “Client solutions”

Structure and governance

Each Raiffeisen bank is a legally and organisationally independent cooperative with directly elected banking bodies. The members of the cooperative form part of the responsible body of each bank.

Raiffeisen Switzerland takes care of the strategic management of the entire Raiffeisen Group and creates the framework conditions for the business activities of the Raiffeisen banks. Raiffeisen Switzerland is responsible for risk management, liquidity and capital ratios, and refinancing for the entire Group. Raiffeisen Switzerland also takes on treasury, trading and transaction activities in the role of a Central Bank.

An important part of the governance newly established in 2019 is the owners’ committees: the Owners’ Meeting, Raiffeisen Bank Council, Expert Committee Coordination and the expert committees. The owner strategy brings together the interests, positions and expectations of the Raiffeisen banks as owners in relation to Raiffeisen Switzerland.

For more details, see the chapter on “Corporate governance”

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